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Avoid a Deep Fried Disaster This Thanksgiving: 8 Tips for Frying a Turkey

11/6/2023 (Permalink)

A golden brown fried Thanksgiving turkey This turkey was deep fried to perfection while avoiding a disasterour fire.

Thanksgiving in Cutler Bay is all about family, food, and cherished traditions. One such tradition gaining popularity is turkey frying. While deep-fried turkey offers a mouthwatering juicy bird, it also poses significant risks, especially in Cutler Bay’s  warm and breezy climate. In this article, we'll delve into the dangers associated with turkey frying and share valuable tips to reduce the chances of a turkey frying mishap.

The Hazards of Turkey Frying:

Thanksgiving turkey frying incidents can result in fires, injuries, and property damage every year across the United States. Let's examine some alarming statistics:

  • According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), deep fryer fires cause an average of five deaths, 60 injuries, and over $15 million in property damage each year in the United States.
  • Deep fryer fires account for more than one in five home cooking fire incidents, as reported by the NFPA. The high oil temperature used for frying can lead to burns, especially when fryers are mishandled or placed on unstable surfaces.
  • The Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) states that cooking is a leading cause of home fires, with Thanksgiving seeing double the average number of residential building fires compared to the rest of the year.

Here are 8 Essential Safety Tips for Deep Frying Your Thanksgiving Turkey:

  • Optimal Location: Choose an open, outdoor area for your turkey frying setup, far from structures, trees, and flammable materials. Never use a fryer in a garage or on a wooden deck.
  • Maintain Distance: Position your turkey fryer at least 10 feet away from your home or any structures to prevent fires from spreading.
  • Thaw Thoroughly: Ensure your turkey is fully thawed and dry before frying. Ice and water can react dangerously with hot oil, causing splattering and potential fires.
  • Correct Oil Amount: Avoid overfilling the fryer with oil, as it can lead to overflow and fires. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for the right amount of oil based on your turkey's size.
  • Temperature Control: Use a thermometer to maintain a consistent oil temperature around 350°F (175°C). Overheated oil can ignite.
  • Supervision is Key: Never leave the turkey fryer unattended, and keep children and pets away from the cooking area.
  • Be Prepared: Keep a kitchen fire extinguisher nearby and understand how to use it. Never attempt to extinguish an oil fire with water.
  • Safety Gear: Protect yourself with heat-resistant gloves and eye protection to prevent burns and splatters.

In conclusion: While deep-frying a turkey can be a delectable method of preparing your Thanksgiving main event, safety should always be the top priority, especially in Miami's outdoor-oriented lifestyle and warm climate. By adhering to these safety recommendations and staying vigilant about potential hazards, you can ensure a Thanksgiving celebration that is both fun and fire-free. Stay safe, savor your turkey, and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

Cutler Bay Homeowners Grapple with Fire Odors

6/21/2022 (Permalink)

Two SERVPRO employees posing in front of a SERVPRO banner Fire damage can be overwhelming when it happens in your Cutler Bay home. Call SERVPRO right away after an event.

Cutler Bay Residents Can Call SERVPRO for Fire Restoration and Malodor Removal

In small-scale incidents, home fire damage can leave behind lingering stains and odors that homeowners in Cutler Bay cannot entirely mitigate. Unfortunately, some DIY solutions can chemically alter soot or spread stains and residues, which can, in turn, worsen malodors. These cleanup strategies can also impact home insurance claims.

SERVPRO technicians in Cutler Bay can render fire damage cleanup according to the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification's (IICRC) standards. Mitigation includes contents cleanup and necessary structural repairs to improve home comfort and indoor air quality after a fire.

How Can Homeowners Deal with Fire Damage Odors?

While some do-it-yourself approaches can have the opposite of the intended effect, there are several steps homeowners can take to minimize smoke odors and prevent fires from spreading before they occur.

  • Make minimal contact with burnt surfaces or items near where the disaster occurred. Cooking fires, particularly those that include the ignition of proteins like meat or fish, leave behind odorous, greasy residues that are nearly invisible to the naked eye. These require specialized cleaners to address in full. Contacting items after a fire can unintentionally spread protein residues and odors.
  • Avoid using wet cleaning solutions on soils. Homeowners are also advised to avoid cleaning smoke damage by hand, as this can accidentally smear soot or turn soils acidic on metals.
  • Keep HVAC clean. When a fire does flare up, soot and debris accumulate in vents and can spread odors. Smoke damage can prove incredibly impactful on indoor air quality for HVAC systems that have not been cleaned or serviced in over a year. SERVPRO performs HVAC inspections during cleanup to ensure that vents are clean and free of malodor-causing soils, which can collect dust and dirt that can also impact ventilation and odor control

Homeowners are advised to document damage after it occurs if it is safe to enter the property after a fire. Photos and videos are essential for getting the most out of an insurance claim. Contact the insurance company as soon as possible after disaster strikes and occupants' safety is guaranteed. Property owners do not have to wait for a claims adjuster to arrive before contacting a restoration company like SERVPRO.

SERVPRO Fire Cleanup Restores Affected Surfaces and Contents

Cutler Bay SERVPRO fire damage professionals certified by the IICRC can perform the following tasks:

  • Document damage to property and take inventory of affected items per room to aid homeowners and claims adjusters
  • Perform cleanup of light fire soils with dry cleaning sponges and mild detergents before moving on to more heavy-duty mitigation
  • Perform HVAC cleaning with agitation tools, EPA-registered sanitation solutions, and deodorization of sheet metal and duct board vents with ultra-low volume foggers
  • Address heavy char on surfaces with alkaline cleaners that cut through acidic soot and abrasion blasting with such media as dry ice and soda ash, which can also reduce fire odors
  • Clean protein residues with specialized enzyme digesters, which turn filmy amino acids into water-soluble byproducts that can be cleaned and deodorized

Homeowners seeking emergency-response cleanup can reach out to SERVPRO of Cutler Bay at (305) 278-8484 24 hours a day, including weekends and holidays. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster and prepared to salvage damaged properties.

Cutler Bay Fire Damaged Kitchen Cabinets

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

kitchen after fire microwave When a fire strikes and damages your Cutler Bay kitchen, call SERVPRO for cleanup and restoration

SERVPRO Strives to Salvage and Mitigate Fire Damage in Cutler Bay

If a fire starts in your Cutler Bay condo, the chances are that it first ignited in your kitchen. Out of all the fire damage cases that riddle our nation every year, a good percentage of them start due to faulty appliances or mistakes while cooking. Many appliances that create heat are in your kitchen. Cooking with grease can be dangerous and is the source of hundreds of fire damage situations annually.

Your kitchen inside your home is made to handle some heat and smoke created by cooking so sometimes the issues are not as severe as other parts of the condominium. During all fire damage scenarios in Cutler Bay, our SERVPRO restoration team starts inspecting and diagnosing structural components and your contents from the source. We follow the burn-related problems starting from the kitchen out to figure out everything that the burn destroyed. We then trace signs of smoke following the route it traveled throughout the building.
Once the blaze ignites in your kitchen, it can quickly damage contents and building materials nearby. If not put out promptly, things can continue to burn as the flames engulf anything that is in its destructive path.
When items get burned inside your kitchen, a major problem can be repairing affected cabinets. These storage units are typically made of wood and can get consumed by a greasy blaze quite easily. Since they are often located above the heat source in the kitchen, your cabinets are sometimes the first things that get ruined.
If your cabinets ever get negatively affected by heat or smoke, there are several solutions our IICRC certified SERVPRO technicians can use to remediate the issues. In severe cases, the cabinets must be removed, and new cabinets installed. In other cases, the cabinets can get sanded down to the unaffected wood beneath the surface and refinished. If your cabinets get damaged by excessive smoke, there is a good chance that we can clean off the soot residues from the cabinet surfaces. Insurance adjusters appreciate the effort we make to salvage cabinet and wall unit doors when possible to use with new box installations.
During some situations, our SERVPRO crew removes kitchen cabinets so the structural walls behind them can get treated for fire and smoke damage. When this takes place, the cabinets often get moved to an unaffected area of the condo or taken to a clean and disinfected separate location to get cleaned or refinished. If you ever have problems with some type of fire in your kitchen, call SERVPRO of Cutler Bay at (305) 278-8484.

The Most Pressing Needs of Your Cutler Ridge Home After a Fire

2/21/2022 (Permalink)

closeup of fireman holding hose, fire hose is expecting water Water damage is often a by-product of fire damage. SERVPRO is the one-stop-shop for all your fire damage restoration needs.

Mitigation and Fire Restoration are Faster When Prioritizing Pressing Concerns of Damaged Cutler Ridge Properties

Mitigating loss after a fire is a product of dozens of actions. We arrive fast to begin emergency services to complete restoration as soon as possible. 

Structural Damage After Combustion

Before much of the fire restoration for Cutler Ridge homes can begin, we must determine the extent of structural damage created by burning building materials. While certain elements will require removal based on their surface blistering and marring, careful considerations are made into where controlled demolition is necessary to protect the property and its contents.

Production of Smoke and Soot Solids

Smoke damage is a formidable threat to properties. Clearing particles and loose debris can help to manage the affected areas, but ultimately cleanup becomes a combination of approaches like:

  • Chemical sponges
  • Dry vacuums
  • Abrasive cleaning products
  • Controlled demolition

Water Damage Concerns

Water removal services are not often the first need considered when restoring fire damage to a home. However, the high volume of water used to extinguish a blaze can be a considerable concern for responding restorers. The Green Fleet arrives with air movers, extractors, and other effective drying tools to quickly manage moisture and standing water concerns.

Protecting At-Risk Contents 

Yet another primary focus of our experienced professionals is restoring and cleaning contents affected by spreading fire and smoke damage. Prolonged exposures to soot and smoke solids can destroy your personal belongings, so we focus on removing these at-risk items to a safe space on the property or our nearby SERVPRO facility for intricate cleaning and restoration necessary.

Caring for the most pressing needs of your home after a fire is the priority of our responding technicians. We have a well-trained mitigation unit that rapidly responds for post-fire cleanup and recovery once first responders deem the property safe to enter. You can reach our SERVPRO of Cutler Bay team 24/7 by calling (305) 278-8484. 

Can Hardwood Survive Fire Damage Restoration in Cutler Ridge?

1/17/2022 (Permalink)

fire damaged kitchen; smoke and soot damaged cabinets SERVPRO employs several methods to restore fire damaged hardwood.

SERVPRO’s Cutler Ridge Fire Damage Remediation Success Pairs Skill with Innovation 

Is fire damage restoration of Cutler Ridge homes hardwood trim, cabinets, and flooring attainable? Although you are hopeful for recovery, the dirty water, charring, and soot can seem impossible to remove. Trust in the training and professionalism of SERVPRO to assess the situation with integrity, and the confidence skill and experience from many house fire cleanups instill.

Why Is Water Damage Mitigation and Remediation the First Focus?

SERVPRO is uniquely qualified to assist Cutler Ridge homeowners in water and fire damage restoration as safe contaminated water removal is one of our most-performed services. Nearly every fire results in water incursion from firefighting efforts. Wet wood is not salvageable from fire and smoke damage. Moisture weakens the cellular structure. Water mitigation and remediation is essential:

  • Water removal with pumps and extractors
  • Negative air pressure moisture suction from one or more floor or woodwork layers and under and within cabinets 
  • Applied structural drying with air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers 

What Specific Strategies Does SERVPRO Use to Remove Soil and Fire Residues from Hardwood?

Cleaning methods used to restore hardwood fire damage must not ruin the surface or substrate. SERVPRO IICRC-certified technicians match the types of soot with appropriate cleaning techniques and products:

  • Dry soot - dust cloths, brushes, chemical sponges, and vacuums remove the loose debris.
  • Wet soot- after testing, technicians choose water or oil-based cleaning solutions to loosen and suspend or emulsify the soot before rinsing away.
  • Protein-based soot - a film of dehydrated food and rancid cooking oils, this tough-to-remove soil requires solvents.

Note: Wet and protein-based soot on hardwood can require the addition of abrasives to the cleaning products or rough-textured tools to break the bond between fire damage residues and the surface. Fine sandpaper or other scaping-type tools can take the soot off with minimal damage when in the capable hands of a SERVPRO technician. Grit-based cream cleaners need a professional touch to avoid destroying the wood. 

Let the experts at SERVPRO of Cutler Bay show you how the proper training, products, and equipment can restore damaged interior building materials and fixtures. Call (305) 278-8484 promptly to get the recovery rolling.

Is Fire Restoration Possible in Cutler Bay Properties?

1/9/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO fire sign Fire damage restoration services by SERVPRO are second to none. Call now for fast and immediate service.

SERVPRO Helps Cutler Bay Homeowners Handle the Toughest Fire Damage Situations

When fire damages your Cutler Bay home, it may be difficult to imagine how you will restore it. Finding a certified fire restoration crew to take care of your home is the best decision you can make under the circumstances. Enlisting a team with the experience and skill set necessary to handle fire residue, debris, and the smell of fire makes a big difference in mitigating your loss.

For fire restoration services in Cutler Bay that are thorough and effective, call SERVPRO and invite our certified team into your home. To address immediate needs and prevent secondary damages, you need the latest technology in fire damage restoration, and our staff has ready access to it. Probes and measuring tools help us detect areas of concern in your home and take action to restore them.

When our SERVPRO team arrives at your home, we inspect all areas and prioritize our action steps. Water damage caused by the efforts to put out the fire is often present in fire-damaged structures, and restoring proper humidity levels becomes a priority. Water damage can cause structural damage and create a suitable environment for mold growth. Before issues escalate, we tend to your home with techniques including-

  • The use of thermal cameras and hygrometers to assess humidity levels
  • Use of EPA-approved cleaning solutions to remove soot and residue from each surface in your home, keeping in mind the composition of each material and preventing damage due to the cleaners’ abrasiveness
  • Fogging to spray the house with deodorizing agents that permeate each surface and kill smell molecules

Whatever your needs are after a fire event damages your home, SERVPRO of Cutler Bay is here to help. Call us at (786) 901-7024 and let our staff bring the best in the industry into your home until it looks and feels “Like it never even happened.”

Why Is Seeking Help Essential During Fire Restoration of Your Cutler Bay Home?

10/21/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO logo over fire Fire damage can be quite overwhelming when it happens in your home. Call SERVPRO right away after an event.

Professional Assistance From SERVPRO Can Help You Overcome Most of the Challenges Posed by Fire Damage

After a fire affects your Cutler Bay home, you must dispose of some items and restore others. The decision of whether to restore depends on the level of damage. The availability of resources is another factor that determines salvage is possible. Involving a professional team avails all the necessary resources, thus improving the outcome.

The fire restoration process for Cutler Bay properties can be broadly classified as content and structure restoration. Contents may be more difficult to deal with since most are composed of different materials with diverse physical properties. However, contents can be easily moved around the house or to a different location, unlike structural materials attached to the building. SERVPRO helps homeowners deal with these and other challenges of the restoration process. 

Other Challenges That Arise During Restoration Include:

  • Inspection and damage estimation
  • Prevention of secondary damage 
  • Overcoming safety hazards 

When planning to restore items, you need to establish the true extent of the damage they have. For instance, you need to establish whether the black residue on wooden items is charring or a heavy soot deposit. In case it is charring, you need to establish its depth, and in case it is residue, you should establish the properties, such as whether it is greasy or wet.

SERVPRO has the right resources for such tests. We use char depth gauges to check how deeply a material is burnt. Such testing helps establish whether restoration is feasible and the best method to use. For char removal, we use methods such as sanding or sodablasting to clean the item. 

SERVPRO of Cutler Bay provides the necessary help ensuring the satisfactory conclusion of fire restoration. Call us at (305) 278-8484 for assistance. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Fire Debris Removal Helps Your Cutler Bay Residence

9/30/2021 (Permalink)

Kitchen after fire Fire can leave your property with many issues. Trust our experts to bring your home back to its original state "Like it never even happened."

Let us Remove the Fire Debris From Your Cutler Bay Home

Getting your first look at your damaged property after a fire gets extinguished can be an overwhelming experience for Cutler Bay homeowners. Even with the quick response of firefighting professionals, structure fires can sweep through the household rapidly, affecting a broad area and many belongings. Once these first responders have left, it is crucial to get restoration work started promptly so that the right preventative steps get taken to reduce further damage and degradation.

As potentially devastating as fire and odor damage in Cutler Bay homes can be, a failure to address these circumstances quickly can lead to even more hazards and costly restoration needs. As you might expect, after a blaze gets extinguished, controlled demolition and debris removal are vital first steps to thoroughly inspect the property and determine the extent of underlying damage with structural elements and supports. Our SERVPRO team clearing out fire debris can help your home in several ways.

Fire Damage Restoration

The ruin of construction material and burned contents in your house can continually threaten air quality and the health of those exposed. Debris removal is a critical step because it can reduce the circulation of many of these carcinogens and threatening particulates once they can settle back down from the agitation of shoveling rubble and controlled demolition.

Another essential element to removing the fire debris left behind after flames get extinguished is the effect this aftermath can have on the odors in the household. One of the quickest paths to cutting into the harsh odors fires can leave behind is to remove many of the charred materials and contents, and determine the highest concentrations of smoke odors and eliminate those materials from the household as well.  

We strive to provide some of the most efficient odor and fire damage restoration services following the devastation of fire damage incidents. Because of our expertise and cutting-edge equipment, our SERVPRO of Cutler Bay professionals can make any damage scenario your home faces “Like it never even happened.” Give our team a call anytime that disasters strike at (305) 278-8484.

Your Fire Damage Solution and Steps for your Cutler Bay Home

5/23/2021 (Permalink)

Even small fires cause smoke and soot to travel throughout the home. Call SERVPRO for fast effective remediation.

SERVPRO Helps with Fire Damage Restoration and Insurance

Our services are available to you whenever you need us, day or night, regardless of your situation's scale. We understand how devastating a fire damage event can be. We don't just work with your insurance company and help you with your paperwork; our professional staff assists you through every step of the process, from beginning to end. Subrogation is a process that we take very seriously for the entire payment and insurance coverage to help protect your interests.

Don't hesitate to contact us; we're proud to be your fire damage solution in Cutler Bay! We have a ton of experience backing our work, and we work hard to provide you with highly skilled IICRC Certified Technicians that go out of their way to save your belongings. You will be surprised by some of the successful restorations that we will accomplish along the way, restoring items that you thought lost forever. Personal possessions and heirlooms are irreplaceable treasures that we understand.

Each SERVPRO Franchise is locally owned and operated by a fully certified staff to assist you through this confusing, stressful time. Our onsite supervisors will answer all your questions while providing you with the absolute best service you could ever receive. So, please don't trust your property's care to anyone else; rely on us to get your life back to normal.

Getting everyone safely out of any damaged areas is priority one. After the Firemen have the fire under control, it's time to give SERVPRO a call to begin your restoration process. Remember, your first call should be to your agent.

It would be best if you kept everyone clear of the property unless you know what to do. Going back into the property on your own can be very dangerous, not to mention it can cause even more damage. Limit anyone's movement in and out of the property; you want to avoid trampling soot and embedding it further into your upholstery or carpet. If you are going to attempt to remove some of your belongings, make sure that you don't touch or lean on soot-covered items, you may end up causing additional damage and make it harder for us to restore them.

You can help by placing clean towels or linens over rugs and carpeted traffic areas before you enter. With your electricity off, you can empty the freezer and prop open the doors of your appliance to help prepare it for restoration. It also helps if you replace your HVAC filter before attempting to use it and taping a double layer of cheesecloth over your air registers would help as well. The best move is don't touch your HVAC until we assess the fire damaged areas.

Leave the cleaning of your walls, carpet, appliances, or other painted surfaces to the professionals at SERVPRO. Don't try to save any canned, packaged or bottled food items that the fire may have damaged; they aren't good anymore!

We can help you with these things and so much more; remember the professionals at SERVPRO of Cutler Bay when you look for a restoration service. Our emergency twenty-four-hour, seven days a week service is only a phone call away. (305) 278-8484

Where should Property Owners Seek Help in Dealing With Fire Damage in Cutler Bay?

5/3/2021 (Permalink)

Smoke and soot damage from a fire is no easy task. Call SERVPRO for fast and immediate services.

They Can Contact a Professional Restoration Team in Cutler Bay to Perform House Fire Cleanup

Fire can wreak havoc and leave your home covered in ash, smoke, and soot. The damage may seem small and easy to handle, but it may lead to significant damage if a person without professional skills and correct equipment attempts to handle it. That’s why you need to hire a professional restorer like SERVPRO to complete the fire restoration process. 

SERVPROs restoration team responds fast to emergency calls since we understand how fast fire damage in Cutler Bay homes can spread. Our technicians are highly trained to:

  • Handle structural damage.
  • Use advanced products to treat affected surfaces.
  • Remediate water damage resulting from firefighting efforts.
  • Perform smoke remediation.
  • Deal with fire and smoke damage.

Does SERVPRO clean soot and smoke on ceilings?

After all of the training and decades of experience, our technicians can determine which items and surfaces are ruined beyond repair and which ones can be restored. If it is possible to restore your ceiling, we can use the wall and all surface cleaner to clean the surface and rinse with a wall rinse. These products can leave your ceiling looking better than it did before the fire.

Our SERVPRO team can also deodorize the affected area. We can use a pump and injection needle to inject small amounts of deodorant in confined spaces. 

Fire damage restoration can be hectic and stressful for property owners who attempt the process. SERVPRO of Cutler Bay can perform fire and smoke damage restoration to make the fire damage seem “Like it never even happened.” Call us today at (305) 278-8484. 

Fire Damage Odor Mitigation in Cutler Bay

3/22/2021 (Permalink)

Smoke and odor removal from your home is a job for SERVPRO. They will handle any size fire restoration service you need.

What are the different types of deodorants used after fire damage in Cutler Bay?

The smoke from a fire can waft throughout your home, carried by heated air to cooler areas or open windows in upstairs rooms. Smoke particles and odor concentrations are impacted by surface porosity, residue concentrations, exposure time, heat and humidity levels.

SERVPRO fire damage experts working on your home in Cutler bay take all of these factors into account, including the type of fire, burned organic materials, how hot the fire was and if smoke found its way into the HVAC system. They will apply the appropriate deodorant products to match the situation and eliminate smoke odors from your home.

The types of deodorants used include:

  • Masking Agents: mask the odor with a more pleasant odor
  • Pairing Agents: combine with odor particles and precipitate them for later cleaning
  • Absorption in Filtration Agents: absorb odor gases for later cleaning and removal
  • Enzyme Digesters: break down organic molecules into carbon dioxide and water
  • Air purification: electronic filters, air scrubbers, and ventilation fans
  • Oxidation: ozone generators oxidize odor molecules

Contact SERVPRO of Cutler Bay for fire damage services in Cutler Bay and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (305) 278-8484.

Fire Damage Creates Multiple Inconveniences for Cutler Bay Families

3/5/2021 (Permalink)

Call (305) 278-8484 immediately after the fire truck drives away to ensure a speedy and favorable outcome.

A Fire Can Create Extreme Stress and Other Problems.

Besides the visible changes after a fire happens to your residence, several major stressors can persist, hindering your family’s recovery. SERVPRO technicians also understand the human side of such disasters. We can give your family several tips that can help get things back to normal faster.

We do our best to match our advice to our customers when fire damage in their Cutler Bay. The immediate loss incurred by any disaster is only the beginning.

Depending on Your Home, Family, and Location, We Might Help With:

  • The contact number of social agencies that assist with seasonal items and other pertinent things,
  • Helping you retrieve medications, important documents, and other essentials from your residence,
  • Submitting claims, so they get approved as expeditiously as possible, and
  • Temporary housing.

Housing after a disaster often results in customers staying with family or friends, but Covid-19 means other alternatives might suit your family best. As always, we are here to help with any concern or question you have about how your family can recover from the effects of such disasters.

After your home sustains fire damage, call us, SERVPRO of Cutler Bay, at (305) 278-8484. We are always here, 24/7, year-round.

Cutler Ridge is the Place to Learn Beginner’s Watercolor Painting

12/28/2020 (Permalink)

Fire and smoke damage is no easy task to handle. Let the pros at SERVPRO use their specialized techniques and equipment.

Online Classes Encourage Creativity from Your Cutler Ridge Home

Head on over to The Art Studio NY website and sign up for their Beginner’s Watercolor Painting Class Online. Instructor Amy Wetsch will inspire your inner artist to come out. Watercolor painting is a fantastic way to relax and express yourself. Enjoy yourself with beginning and intermediate students like you:

  • Discover watercolor painting techniques such as wet on wet painting, splatter, and wet on dry painting
  • Learn about color mixing, variegated washes, and dry-brush techniques
  • Enjoy Step by step watercolor lessons and demonstrations
  • Sit under a professional art teacher
  • Paint a variety of subjects such as abstract, landscapes, and still life
  • De-stress and relax

The cost of the class is $299, and you can go online and order your materials ahead of time. They will be shipped directly to you. The course starts on January 4 and runs through February 22. Students meet in the ZOOM meeting on Mondays from 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM.

Proudly Serving the Cutler Ridge Area

SERVPRO of Cutler Bay provides fire and smoke cleanup to Cutler Ridge homes. For more information, contact us at (305) 278-8484.

When Fire Strikes in Cutler Bay SERVPRO Is There

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Fire damage restoration is no easy matter. Call SERVPRO for IICRC certify technicians for your property restoration.

Our Technicians Provide Emergency Fire Mitigation to Cutler Bay Residents

Cutler Bay was named after Dr. William Cutler. Dr. Cutler was from Massachusetts and visited the area in 1880. He liked it so much that he encouraged folks to come and settle there. This would become the town of Cutler. 

Cutler Fossil Site

One of Cutler Bay's claims to fame is the Cutler Fossil Site. It is a sinkhole where not only Pleistocene animal bones have been found but artifacts from those who lived during the Archaic period and of Paleo-Indians. The site is located on the Charles Deering Estate and was discovered in 1979. A group was out hunting for wood to use in making knife handles. They noticed that some of the "wood" that they found seemed exceptionally hard. It was determined to be horse's teeth, according to an archeologist. An official excavation began in 1985.

The Excavation Begins

The site was on the road to becoming a historically registered site, but the Deering Estate protested. If that were to happen, the area on the estate could not be developed. Miami-Dade County purchased the site, and it is now included in the Charles Deering Estate State Park. 

The sinkhole is part of a karstic limestone formation on the Miami Rock Ridge. It is approximately 26 feet by 33 feet. The fossil layer extends beneath the water table. The owners of the Deering Estate funded excavations in 1985 and 1986. 

The Pleistocene Period

Thousands of bones were discovered in the sinkhole. They excavated portions of:

  • 47 mammals – 16 of them were extinct, three locally extinct
  • 51 bird species – 7 extinct
  • 9 reptile species
  • 7 amphibian species
  • 5 fish species

The mixture represented led the archeologists to believe that there was standing water for a portion of the year during the Pleistocene Period. Nearby were pinelands, marshes, hardwood hammocks, the sea coast, and grasslands. Animal and bird fragments discovered included:

  • Tapirs
  • Horses
  • Columbian mammoth
  • American mastodon
  • Camels
  • Bison antiques
  • Dire wolf
  • Spectacled bears
  • Florida ( or American) lion
  • Saber-toothed cat
  • Jaguar
  • Caracara (extinct bird)
  • Hawk-eagle (extinct)
  • California condor

Discovery of Human Remains

Some of the animal remains found were burnt. The sinkhole did not have natural fires, so the indication would be that humans were responsible. Human teeth and bones from approximately five different people were discovered, including adults and a young child. Stone tools and marine shells used as tools were at the location, as well as arrowheads. Some of the artifacts are thought to be Paleo-Indian. 

Tequesta Burial Mounds

Also discovered around Cutler Ridge were Tequesta Burial Mounds. The Tequesta tribe is believed to have been in the region since the 3rd century BCE. This Native American tribe had little to no contact with white settlers and had migrated out of the area by the mid-18th century. Tequesta was their principal town, named by the Spanish after the chief, and was situated along the north bank of the Miami River. Their custom was to place their camps and dwellings along water such as rivers, streams, and inlets to the ocean.

Tequesta Way of Life

The Tequesta were hunters and gatherers. They fished and hunted, with much of their food coming from the sea. They did eat local fruit and plants. Hernando de Escalante Fontaneda lived with the tribe in the 16th century. He dwelled with them for 17 years and wrote about their lifestyle. He stated that they ate:

  • Manatee
  • Sharks
  • Sailfish
  • Porpoises
  • Stingrays
  • Small fish
  • Turtle
  • Snails
  • Whale
  • Sea-wolf (Caribbean monk seal) – upper class
  • Venison

Although conches, clams, and oysters were plentiful, they did not seem to eat them very often. They consumed plants such as prickly pear, palm nuts, and saw palmetto berries. 

Everyday Life for the Tequesta Tribe

The huts they dwelled in could be quite tall, up to 5 stories. They wore very little clothing. Women wore skirts made of plant material, and men wore deer hide loincloths. There are different ideas on the traditional burial of their chiefs. It seems in both versions the small bones were buried, and the large bones were kept. They seemed to worship animal representations of gods. Humans were thought to have three souls – one in the reflection, one in the eyes, and one in the shadows. They may have practiced human sacrifice as part of their religious ceremonies.

The Railroad Comes to Town

The Florida East Coast Railway was extended in Cutler in the early 1900s. This made the city a place of business, and the economy grew as those in less developed towns would come to Cutler for supplies. 

Hurricane Andrew Hits Cutler

Hurricane Andrew hit near Cutler's Ridge in 1982. It pretty much destroyed the area. The damage to Florida was approximately $25 million, and almost every structure suffered significant damage. It took several years for the area to rebuild and move on from the impact of Hurricane Andrew. 

SERVPRO Provides Fire Restoration Services to Cutler Bay

When Hurricane Andrew hit, it did more than cause flooding. Power lines were down, high winds impacted homes, and other situations were present that caused fires. A fire can strike at any time. In homes, kitchen fires are the most common. Whenever there is a blaze, you can count on SERVPRO to mitigate the damage and leave your home, "Like it never even happened."

Immediate Mitigation is Crucial

Even if the incident in your home seems like a small one with only smoke damage, you should still call in the professionals. There are several kinds of smoke residues, and understanding each one's makeup is fundamental to removing it. If you try to clean it and use the wrong type of cleaner, you are going to make it worse. Our technicians:

  • Know soot and how to remove it
  • Remove charred remains and debris
  • Clean surfaces with the appropriate cleaning agent
  • Use agitated cleaning methods like soda blasting when needed
  • Deodorize your home
  • Repair and restore as needed

Contact SERVPRO of Cutler Bay at (305) 278-8484 for fire restoration services. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

What Does a Restoration Company in Cutler Bay do After a Fire?

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Homes can be damaged badly by fire damage. Contact SERVPRO for fire damage remediation and get your home back to normal.

A Restoration Company Provides Expert Insight and Industry-Specific Technology to Restore Your Cutler Bay Home After a Fire

A fire in your Cutler Bay home does not necessarily imply a total loss. Even if the aftermath seems overwhelming, there may be different avenues for you to restore your home and personal belongings. Rather than guessing what you need to discard and salvage, let a professional restoration company guide you through those decisions.

In Cutler Bay, fire damage restoration is a job for our team at SERVPRO. We are ready to help around the clock and to implement best practices as recognized by industry experts. Our crew trains to handle the different consequences following a fire in your home and eliminate its residual effects. Whether the damage is widespread through your house or in a specific area, our team conducts a thorough inspection as we develop an action plan.

What are some methods used by professionals to restore fire damage?

Our SERVPRO team understands the theory of fire and how it travels. When we arrive at your home, we translate our knowledge into action and focus on eliminating visible damage as well as the smell left in the air. As we go about the process, you may see us focus on the following-

  • Temperature- Some cleaning agents work better under higher temperatures, so we optimize their performance by controlling the heat in your home and maintaining it at the best level.
  • Cleaning solutions- their application responds to the material we are cleaning and how far the solution needs to penetrate.
  • Agitation- Pressure washing and soda blasting can also help remove fire damage. Soda blasting, in particular, is also helpful in eliminating the smell of smoke.

After a fire, you may find companies and individuals willing to undertake the restoration process. However, only a reputable company like SERVPRO of Cutler Bay can achieve the best results. Call us at (305) 278-8484 and put us to work to leave your home "Like it never even happened."

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How can You Avoid Secondary Damage for Hollywood Home Fires?

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Time is of the essence when restoring property after a fire. Call SERVPRO immediately after the fire is extinguished to begin the restoration process.

SERVPRO Explains the Importance of Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services in Hollywood

Fires have always been an increasingly prevalent threat throughout the Hollywood area. Disaster can strike without any notice, devastating your property. After a fire, homeowners deal with damage to their personal belongings, household contents, or the structure of their homes.

Hopefully, you get the opportunity to check your insurance coverage before anything has a chance to happen to your home. You need access to a company that specializes in fire damage removal in Hollywood to get suggestions on how to best protect your investment. It is time to contact a restoration specialist in the area, to either prepare your property to fight against fire or start your recovery.

Many homeowners fail to understand that taking immediate steps after a fire occurs on your property can help minimize the losses they experience. It becomes even more pertinent to have a professional, like the IICRC-certified restoration technicians at SERVPRO, available, ready to respond to your call for help, as soon as possible. Our team responds to your request for help 24/7, 365 days a year, through all holidays and strive to provide you with the fast, efficient services you deserve.

Once SERVPRO helps you secure your property, we can also help contact your insurance company and work with your insurance company to produce the results you need. The only things that should ever delay your claims process involve you or your families, safety. Otherwise, you should file your fire damage claim immediately.

SERVPRO technicians work with you, helping you decide which of your belongings remain salvageable. We also help you keep track of damaged items, reporting all necessary information to your insurance adjuster. While we take care of your property, you should account for any expenses related to your living expenses and report everything, so that you get proper compensation.

Fire damage removal and repair can be a lengthy process. You need an experienced restoration company on your side to help protect your interests. At SERVPRO of Cutler Bay, our entire Green Fleet stands ready to answer your call, and all of our restoration technicians are trained to provide you with quality results. (305) 278-8484

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How Damaging Are Smoke Residues in My Cutler Bay Home?

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We quickly assess the conditions of fire-damaged homes when our SERVPRO of Cutler Bay team first arrives.

Fire Loss in My Cutler Bay Home

Smoke damage can ruin contents and structural elements in your house, but our SERVPRO team can help before much of this happens with a fast and reliable response to clean up the mess.

Fire losses can be one of the most challenging disasters to impact your Cutler Bay home. It's hard to know where to begin or what corrective actions the house needs with seemingly hundreds of damaged and compromised items and areas of your property. Our fast-responding SERVPRO technicians can start emergency services and mitigation tactics shortly after arrival to protect more of your home and its contents.

Among the most challenging conditions of fire damage in Cutler Bay homes is soiling on surfaces and contents. Wet smoke and soot are two of the more destructive residues that rest on wall surfaces, flooring, and furniture. As these particles circulate throughout the damaged space, they can layer on items and form a thick coating that must get addressed carefully. Wipe cleaning is rarely the best approach, as this can often lead to staining and smearing of the surfaces. Because these residues are often both acidic and carcinogenic, it is crucial to remove them as quickly as possible.

What are Some Agitative Cleaning Practices to Remove Soiling?

There are many stages to removing soiling from exposed materials and contents in your home after a fire loss. With soot and wet smoke residues that are thick and prone to staining, preemptive cleaning practices can help to reduce the severity of this coating before the removal begins. Some of the agitative and abrasive cleaning methods we utilize in these situations include:

    •    Brushing
    •    Steel Wool
    •    Vacuuming
    •    Dusting
    •    Soda Blasting

We quickly assess the conditions of fire-damaged homes when our SERVPRO of Cutler Bay team first arrives. Our agitative cleaning practices can make soot and smoke residue removal more efficient and ultimately more successful. Give us a call today at (305) 278-8484 – we can make it “Like it never even happened.”

What is the Best Way to Handle Fire Damage in Cutler Bay?

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A fire can start quickly in a kitchen, call SERVPRO as soon as the fire is out to remediate the damage.

Rely on SERVPRO to Restore Your Cutler Bay Home After a Fire

A fire in your Cutler Bay home can be devastating. Your kitchen is a place where a fire can quickly start with a bit of grease and an unattended stove. Even after a small fire, your home can be affected by extensive smoke and water damage. Prompt, professional repair and restoration are needed so additional damage and issues like mold and wood rot can be prevented.

Fires are scary events, no matter the size, and leave behind fire, water, and smoke damage. Your fire damaged Cutler Bay home needs the professionals from SERVPRO to help restore it back to its original condition, and it needs to be done in a timely fashion. At SERVPRO, we understand this and do not hesitate in getting to your home once you contact us.

There are various steps we take to complete restoration services in your home after a fire. With mitigation, the goal is to secure your structure and stop any more damage. Your home is likely wet from fire-fighting efforts, too, so it needs emergency drying to stop any secondary water damage.

Cleaning your home after it has been damaged by fire focuses on removing smoke residues from the structure and deodorizing odors that are given off by these residues. The SERVPRO technician talks with you during the process so you understand which structural components can be cleaned and which cannot be. Replacement or repair is necessary for such items.

Your personal property also must be cleaned of smoke residues. In some situations, we can clean them right at your home. Other times, we need to pack and move some items out to a different location for cleaning and storage.

If the fire and smoke spread into a living room or adjacent room where electronics have been damaged, we often subcontract specialty cleaning of these contents. It can also include furniture refinishing, dry cleaning of clothes, and cleaning of expensive artwork.

Sometimes, fires are severe enough that we cannot restore the structural components of your home. Reconstructing and repairing these components might require different skills, so we work with licensed general contractors to get your home repaired and safe again.

SERVPRO Shares Fire Odor Damage Control Methods for Cutler Bay Homes

Even a small blaze in the home that did minor damage through fire can leave a big problem behind. Fire odor damage is a problem that causes frustration because the odor so deeply penetrates objects and can be very difficult to remove using conventional cleaning methods, especially in this area of Florida as the ordinary high humidity conditions can make smoke odors more distinctive.

A homeowner contacted SERVPRO to remove the lasting memory of a fire in the home. The damage had been repaired by the homeowner. However, the odor of the fire in Cutler Bay remained. Because of the time that had elapsed since the fire, the HVAC system shared the odor around the home, and it was detectable even in rooms on the other side of the home from the original fire. Smoke odor residue can lay on solid objects until effectively cleaned and penetrates porous objects and cannot be removed without the application of deep cleaning efforts. Hard and non-porous surfaces were cleaned with dry sponges to pull off the smoke odor.

The odor left behind by the fire was evident in furnishings and building materials and cannot be removed by merely wiping surfaces. One method of deep cleaning is the use of hydroxyl generators that work by neutralizing harmful gases, odors and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in indoor environments. This method also eliminates bacteria, mildew and mold. Thermal fogging is another deodorization method employed by SERVPRO. This restoration method uses the same principle as the fire to penetrate areas of the room to deliver a heated, strong odor neutralizing fog. Fogging was the method chosen by the technicians to use on this job. Afterward, the homeowner was advised to replace the filter in their HVAC to eliminate residual smoke odors that had collected there previously.

SERVPRO of Cutler Bay is staffed by certified technicians that have the tools and knowledge to tackle any fire odor damage in your home, large or small. Our emergency technicians are available for you 24/7 and arrive within hours after you call (305) 278-8484.

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Is There a Way to Save the Smoke and Soot Damaged Contents in My Cutler Bay House?

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Fires damage not only the structure, but the contents of your home. SERVPRO can clean and restore your home to its preloss condition.

SERVPRO Offers the Cutler Bay Community Unique Restoration Resources for Fire Damaged Household Goods and Personal Possessions  

The smoke and soot generated during a residential fire attach to the surfaces throughout your home, and deposits on a broad range of furnishings, household goods, and products, and personal possessions. In addition to the smoke and soot, the contents of your Cutler Bay home suffer chemical and water damage during firefighting efforts. 

Will My Insurance Pay for Restoration of My Household Belongings? 

The fire damage to your Cutler Bay home is distressing. Still, the training and equipment our managers and technicians possess allow us to take the steps necessary to return the structural components to preloss conditions, claims typically covered by homeowner's insurance. Can you take heart about your carrier, also including support for the many non-structural items also damaged by the fire? Detailed documentation about the condition of the articles immediately after the blaze and the results gathered throughout the restoration process give you the best chance to limit out-of-pocket expenses.

Should Fire Damaged Contents Be Removed for Processing? 

It is chaotic after a significant disaster like a fire. Are there reasons to consider delegating the management of fire damaged household contents to our professionals? SERVPRO can take on the responsibility to pack out some or most of your possessions during fire damage mitigation and remediation. 

Cease the Item's Exposure to Residues 

Some of the smoke and soot that cause the bulk of damage are still airborne, continuing to add to the residue load on every surface available, including the potential pack-out items. Moving them out of the Cutler Bay fire-damaged structure halts, or mitigates, the risk of additional corrosive deterioration. 

Concentrate on Assessment and Restoration of the Goods 

Away from the hustle and bustle of the fire restoration action inside your home, technicians who specialize in contents restoration can put the spotlight on the damaged items that make your house a home. We assess and plan for cleaning, drying, and restoration, our goal to return them to their former function and appearance. 

Clear the Structure for Restoration Activities 

With furniture and other items out of the way, the Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) on our team can focus on water removal and cleaning of the hundreds of soiled surfaces inside your home. A pack-out gives us more room to work, but it also removes sources of water, humidity, odor, and additional residue. We no longer have concerns about moving and protecting the items now that they are in a secure place.  

Will My Possessions Be Safe and Secure? 

Emotions run high in the aftermath of a fire, and the worry of losing costly, familiar, and treasured is a constant. To set your mind at ease, we use the Contents Claim Inventory Service (CCIS) to track the furnishings, household goods, documents, photos, clothing, electronics, and other personal possessions we pack-out.   

Are All Items Inventoried? 

We use a combination of traditional cataloging and modern technology to clarify and track what we pack-out. We provide the basis for our restoration efforts and documentation for your insurance company: 

  • Lists
  • Digital pictures
  • Barcoding 

Can I Have Access to Items as I Need Them? 

It is tough to predict when you might need a document, or the weather requires a seasonal change of clothing or footwear. We process your items as quickly as possible, and the CCIS checklists help us find requested personal property quickly.  


As we pack-out, we suggest you sort clothing into categories we can clean, dry, and deodorize in an order designed to avoid needless replacement expense: 

  • Items you need for immediate daily wear
  • Seasonal items 
  • Specialty items like formal wear, uniforms, and sports equipment 


You can direct the packing of essential documents where you prioritize to help us start with the paperwork you predict you might need to access. We can clean, freeze-dry (the innovative method used to recover papers and photos from firefighting water damage), and store documents and photos in an organized manner. We can then retrieve a paper for you or scan, photograph, or copy it for your immediate reference. 

How Are Larger Items Managed in a Pack-Out? 

Furniture and appliances are pack-out possibilities. If their damage is cosmetic or minimal, we clean them up and store them in our climate-controlled warehouse. More intensive cleaning, disinfection, drying, and deodorization is best handled in smaller chambers within our facility, preventing debris and odors' drift during processing.  

How can SERVPRO of Cutler Bay bring order out of the chaos after your residential fire? One call to (305) 278-8484 can begin the process to clarify and show how we can provide the services you need.

What Does Professional Fire Damage Restoration Service Include In Cutler Bay?

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Relying on the vast resources available through SERVPRO gives you the confidence needed to thrive after fire damage.

Full-Service Fire Loss Recovery from Your Local SERVPRO Offers Peace of Mind to Our Cutler Bay Neighbors

During the aftermath of a household fire, your questions fly fast, and solutions can appear evasive. Many homeowners coping with the chaos post-fire feel overwhelmed. Their houses are smoke and soot-filled, but they have no experience in the specialized cleanup necessary to return dwellings to safe, sanitary, and odor-free condition.

Can One Company Handle Both Water and Fire Loss?
A possibly unanticipated concern for property owners in the majority of Cutler Bay fire damage scenarios is the significant water damage caused by firefighting efforts. Before any other mitigation and remediation tasks can commence, extraction of water and structural drying must complete. Our restoration focuses resources on water and fire damage, and our crews hold multiple certifications from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) in all aspects of industry best practices for water and fire mitigation and remediation.

Why Is Water Removal a Higher Priority than Fire Cleanup?
Both the water removal and the fire cleanup are critical phases, but standing water creates hazards that need elimination first. Issues presented by standing water and absorbed moisture include:

    •    Slip, trip, and fall hazards, particularly acute when the debris is submerged and hidden in contaminated fluids
    •    Electrical shock
    •    Contaminants from the fire debris and residues and other substances such as fire extinguisher and household chemicals spilled in the fluids
    •    Weakening of ceilings, walls, and floors due to water weight and rapid destruction of permeable building materials
    •    Mold damage potential if excess moisture lingers 24 to 48 hours

What Are the First Steps Professional Fire Damage Restorers Take?
Project managers assess the need for emergency services, assigning urgent jobs to crew members while more comprehensive investigation proceeds. Workers board and tarp up exterior damage, protecting the interior from the elements. Once we manage live electricity concerns, pumps and truck-mounted extractors remove the water, containing it, if appropriate for lawful disposal. Applied Structural Drying (ASD) technicians use psychrometry, the science of drying, to manipulate air movement, temperature, and dehumidification technologies. The result is the evaporation and then removal of moisture trapped in building materials.

How Do Experts Clean Up Fire Residues?
The smoke generated during a house fire contains soot, particles of incompletely combusted building materials, food, grease, and contents. Soot begins as an airborne contaminant, then soils surfaces it contacts and coats. From space to space, the characteristics of the soot vary, and Fire and Smoke Restoration Technicians (FSRT) sort this out, matching types of soot to research-based cleaning methodologies and effective products. Examples of the variables considered when selecting the most efficient strategies include:

Does the Consistency of the Soot Matter?
The consistency does matter. Strategies frequently change in separate spaces as the soot characteristics change depending on fuel, temperature, and oxygen levels.

    •    Dry Soot -- ashy and loose, generated by fast burning high temperature and oxygen fires, fueled by wood and paper
    •    Wet Soot -- sticky and thick, generated by smoldering lower temperature and oxygen fires, fule by plastics, electrical cords, padding, fabrics
    •    Protein-Based Soot -- thin and nearly colorless, but tightly adhered and malodorous, generated by the dehydration of foodstuffs and oils during a kitchen fire

Matching Release and Suspension Techniques to Residues

Dry soot
Vacuum, brush, dust, and sponge dry soot off, using gentle indirect agitation, but avoiding liquid cleaners and rubbing, which can smear the soot.

Wet Soot
Use water or oil-based soaps or detergents (chemical agents), to loosen the bond between the residue and the surface. Our technicians pair oil or water-based soots to cleaners with similar bases. We adjust the following elements for best results:

    •    Dwell time
    •    Temperature
    •    Agitation (perhaps adding an abrasive to enhance this action)

Protein-Based Soot
Solvents help dislodge the tight bond. Abrasive tools or special equipment, like an ultrasonic cleaner for smaller, loose items, help with this removal challenge.

Does the type of surface matter?
Many of the techniques and products used to clean away soot residues can degrade delicate surfaces or stain porous materials. When making decisions about whether restoration is appropriate, or if instead removal and rebuilding are indicated, the durability of the surface is a key criterion.

If Partial Demolition Is Required, Who Helps Me Rebuild?
Our SERVPRO team has training, experience, and equipment to manage residential fire events from assessment through rebuilding. The presence we have in the region is robust, with four locations spreading our restoration capability across dozens of neighborhoods and communities. We scale our response precisely to your needs, including aggressive remediation or teardown of charred and burned structural components. We have reconstruction crews who have the skills to take spaces from bare framing back to “Like it never even happened.”

Relying on the vast resources available through SERVPRO of Cutler Bay gives you the confidence needed to thrive after fire damage. Call us at (305) 278-8484 as soon as practical, so we can get to work fast.

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Our Experts Discuss How To Prevent Fire Damage In Cutler Bay

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SERVPRO of Cutler Bay at (305) 278-8484 is ready to help local property owners with fire damage of any size.

Preventing Fire Damage in Cutler Bay Garages

Did you know a statistic from FEMA reported that fires that start in residential garages tend to spread and cause more loss through fire damage than other types of home fires?

There are steps homeowners in Cutler Bay can take against fire damage in their garages. However, it is also essential to know what to do in the aftermath of a fire. Here are some common preventative actions to take.

Unsafe Storage
One of the leading causes of fires in garages is the improper storage of flammable liquids. Many types of standard consumer products such as paints, gasoline, propane, and varnishes are all frequent culprits in-home blazes that started in a garage. Because of the off-gassing, these items can do, a simple spark from an appliance can ignite the fumes.

Safety with Electrical Appliances in the Garage
Extension cords have the potential to cause fires from improper use. Never plug multiple extensive cords into each other and pay attention to overheating plugs. If charging an appliance using an extension cord, only plug a single device in and never leave it charging overnight.

Additions to Increase Garage Safety
For homes with an attached garage, trade out the entry door with a twenty-minute fire-rated self-closing and self-latching fire-rated door. To stop a garage fire from spreading into the attic, install an attic hatch cover to close off this area. Heat alarms assist with early detection of temperature rises in the garage and sound an alarm when the interior temperature goes above a pre-set point.

Post Garage Fire Actions
After a garage fire, close off the area from the rest of the home. This action inhibits the spread of odor-causing soot from the rest of the house. The next step is to bring in professional fire loss cleanup. SERVPRO technicians undergo extensive training to restore both property and contents damaged by fire.

SERVPRO Cleanup Includes Odor Removal
Odor control is a large part of fire loss mitigation. The technicians have different methods for removing smoke odors depending on the level of odor treatment necessary. After they complete their efforts, there will be no reminders of the fire from residual smoke odors.

SERVPRO of Cutler Bay at (305) 278-8484 is ready to help local property owners with fire damage of any size. The technicians show up quickly and return to the home to its pre-fire condition, “Like it never even happened.”

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How Fire Debris Removal Helps Your Cutler Bay Residence

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Don’t let a fire take your Butler Bay home, we have your back.

Let us remove the fire debris from your Cutler Bay home.

Getting your first look at your damaged property after a fire gets extinguished can be an overwhelming experience for Cutler Bay homeowners. Even with the quick response of firefighting professionals, structure fires can sweep through the household rapidly, affecting a broad area and many belongings. Once these first responders have left, it is crucial to get restoration work started promptly so that the right preventative steps get taken to reduce further damage and degradation.

As potentially devastating as fire and odor damage in Cutler Bay homes can be, a failure to address these circumstances quickly can lead to even more hazards and costly restoration needs. As you might expect after a blaze gets extinguished, controlled demolition and debris removal are vital first steps to thoroughly inspect the property and determining the extent of underlying damage with structural elements and supports. Our SERVPRO team clearing out fire debris can help your home in several ways.

The ruin of construction material and burned contents in your house can continually threaten air quality and the health of those exposed. Debris removal is a critical step because it can reduce the circulation of many of these carcinogens and threatening particulates once they can settle back down from the agitation of shoveling rubble and controlled demolition.

Another essential element to removing the fire debris left behind after flames get extinguished is the effect this aftermath can have on the odors in the household. One of the quickest paths to cutting into the harsh odors fires can leave behind is to remove many of the charred materials and contents, and to determine the highest concentrations of smoke odors and to eliminate those materials from the household as well.  

We strive to provide some of the most efficient odor and fire damage restoration services following the devastation of fire loss incidents. Because of our expertise and cutting-edge equipment, our SERVPRO of Cutler Bay professionals can make any loss scenario your home faces “Like it never even happened.” Give our team a call anytime that disasters strike at (305) 278-8484.

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Should I Restore or Replace?

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We can help you determine what condition your home and belongings can be saved after your Three Lakes fire damage.

Fire damage in your Three Lakes home? No worries SERVPRO has you covered.

Living in Three Lakes is ideal for families walking the line between urban and suburban living. An extension of Miami, it hosts housing developments built with a modern owner in mind, making it a comfortable place to enjoy the beauty of South Florida. Although it is less pricey than other surrounding areas, the greater Miami continues to be an expensive place to live. The cost of living makes our homeowners extra cautious about their money and saving whenever possible. There is no better moment to lose sight of your expenditures than when disaster strikes.

If fire damage threatens your Three Lakes home, you may think that all your furniture and carpeting needs replacing. However, before you upset your monthly budget or compromise your savings, call SERVPRO for assistance. Our technicians train on the latest fire restoration techniques and work with you to minimize your losses after a fire event. All you need to do is call our 24/7 hotline for help.

Eliminating smoke and soot residue is not as simple as wiping it down with a cleaning spray. Our SERVPRO technicians focus on eliminating visible remains as well as deodorizing your property. Depending on the nature of the material, the level of heat and moisture during the fire, smoke, and ashes differ, following various paths before settling. Our SERVPRO team excels at understanding the specifics of each fire and the best approach to cleaning and deodorizing your home. We may need to vacuum some remains or dissolve them with industry-grade solvents. Very often we can restore your property to mint condition, saving you the time and money needed to replace it. When this becomes impossible, we dispose of your belongings in compliance with local regulatory guidelines.

Throughout the fire restoration process, SERVPRO of Cutler Bay is here to help. We recognize the effort you make to maintain your beautiful home and strive to return it to mint condition as soon as possible. Call us at (305) 278-8484 and let us leave your home, “Like it never even happened.”

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How Professionals Restore Fire Damaged Personal Items in Three Lakes

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SERVPRO can remove your fire damaged personal possessions and clean and restore them at our facility using our pack-out services.

Fire Damage in Your Three Lakes Home Could Necessitate Content Cleaning and Move-Out Services 

Fires are among the worst accidents that can happen in a home because of the destruction they cause. Fires also cause other supplementary hazards such as water damage because of firefighting efforts, smoke, and soot residues. Even though firefighters may contain a fire, its byproducts can damage property and jeopardize the health of the residents long after they have extinguished the flames.    

If your Three Lakes home has fire damage, it is crucial to hire experts to help you restore it to its pre-damaged state.  The damage fires cause is challenging to contain, which means that after a fire, your possessions can get damaged irreversibly, making the situation even more frustrating. Fortunately, SERVPRO can restore many of your belongings like furniture, area rugs, upholstery, and draperies during the fire restoration process. We can take valuable items like art to a curator for restoration. 

We perform an initial assessment and note the damaged items and set them aside for restoration. We separate damaged and cleanable items into designated areas. Our technicians stack the boxes of claim items neatly so that you can make a claim list. You can use a recorder as you sort through ruined items to make the task more accurate, less tiring, and less stressful. 

If the condition of your home after the fire disaster allows, we complete the cleaning, deodorization, and restoration process on-site.  However, if the fire ruined your home severely, we can provide pack-out services. Due to some circumstances after a fire incident, it is not practical to restore the contents on-site. If the damage is significant damage and the home needs extensive restoration, we transport the ruined contents to our facility for appropriate cleaning. The steps involved in our pack-out services include: 

Our crew carefully packs all the damaged items while adding them to an electronic inventory. We provide you with a copy of this inventory so you can keep track of your belongings.

  • We transport the items to our facility.
  • We thoroughly clean, deodorize, and restore each item to its original state.
  • We store the items in a secure facility until we restore your home.
  • Once your house is ready, we bring back your items.  

For a move-out to be successful, it is vital to pack, tag, and inventory contents appropriately. Our SERVPRO crew never sacrifices details to complete the work faster. We are organized during packing and tagging to prevent damage to contents and leave a positive impression on you and your insurer. Our crew uses several methods to clean a wide range of belongings, including wet cleaning, immersion cleaning, dry cleaning, foam cleaning, and spray and wipe. 

SERVPRO of Cutler Bay is the right remediation company to call after a fire has ruined your belongings. We have the expertise to restore the possessions and are ready to offer pack out storage. Call us 24/7 at (305) 278-8484 for fast remediation. 

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Our Certified Professionals Are Ready 24/7 To Restore Your Cutler Bay Home

7/14/2019 (Permalink)

Fire damage at this home began in the attic and burnt sections of the attic and roof.

Eliminating Fire Odor Damage To Cutler Bay Homes

With Cutler Bay in bicycle or scooter distance of Biscayne Bay and Everglades National Park, residents enjoy nearly every natural benefit our area has to offer. Unfortunately, even being right between these two natural wonders does not protect local homes from fires and other disasters.

Fire odor damage in Cutler Bay homes is perhaps the most difficult to remove completely. Even a tiny amount of odor-causing particles from smoke residues and burned property can generate a noxious smell that prevents residents from enjoying their homes. To eliminate these malodors, SERVPRO teams utilize four methods to restore the property to its previous, odor-free condition.

First, team members remove all debris and other odor sources from inside the home. That includes everything restorable, and items too damaged for restoration. This step eliminates most odor sources and allows technicians to determine further, required deodorization methods.

Second, team members clean odor-causing residues from every affected surface. They use cleaners based on the type of residue. For example, in a kitchen fire, cleaners contain a degreaser to cut through the protein and other types of food residues. These thicker residues often need a very strong cleaner and a scraper to remove them completely. For the rest of the home, residues are lighter and need a milder cleaner with a sponge to remove them from most surfaces.

Third, if the basic cleaning methods  of the fire damage are not sufficient, SERVPRO technicians recreate the original method of contamination to deodorize the property. As an example, if smoke blowing through an attic penetrated the roof supports, team members use a fogger device to generate a cloud of deodorizing chemicals that can penetrate the wood frame pieces as deeply as the original malodors. Here, the cleaner may contain a combination of neutralizers and sanitizers.

Finally, there is the option of sealing odorous surfaces. This method is limited in its use to painting walls with mild odor contamination and sealing off air ducts in HVAC systems. In both cases, sealing is far cheaper than other methods.

At SERVPRO of Cutler Bay, we are proud to serve not just our community, but also Cutler Ridge, Franjo, Three Lakes, and more. If you have suffered a major fire, or just a small one, call us at (305) 278-8484 today for a professional inspection and estimate to remove odors and any other damage.

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We Put The Flames Of Worry Out In Cutler Bay

6/11/2019 (Permalink)

Fire began in the attic and burnt sections of the attic and roof. The fire and the water to put it out created quite a mess and we restored it all.

SERVPRO - Remediating Fire Damaged Homes In Cutler Bay

No two fires in Cutler Bay are alike, even when the houses look identical. The damage, and the methods needed to remediate it require a restoration agency to understand exactly how long the fire burned, how hot it was, and what it consumed.

That last fire damage factor in a Cutler Bay fire can include hundreds of different types of building materials and personal property. For SERVPRO restoration teams, that means carefully following a series of actions to not only clean-up and restore a home, but also protect it throughout the process.

That process begins with Mitigation. Team members secure the structure to prevent more damage. They use tarps and plywood sheets to cover damaged roofs, walls, board up windows shattered by the heat, and created temporary doors where fire-fighting efforts damaged the original. Once protected, team members move on to cleaning.

Structural Cleaning of the home depends on the amount of smoke. It travels quickly in a fire and leaves residues as it cools. In many home fires, these residues stop at the walls and ceilings, making them easy to clean by wiping down the surfaces; where needed technicians use a cleaning agent that also contains a separate chemical that eliminates odors as well, especially when the smoke penetrates wall framing and other support structures.

Contents Cleaning is often more intensive, however. Smoke and its residues more easily get into furniture and drapes. When possible, SERVPRO teams clean these items at home, moving them outside or to an unaffected room like the garage, with sponges, brushes, and mild-to-medium strength cleaners. For deeply stained property, we use injectors and immersion tanks to force cleaners across or through surfaces to remove the residues.

Where cleaning is not possible, team members move on to Reconstruction. Fire damage from the flames and heat can compromise wall framing and other support structures if the fire burned very hot and for a long period. Technicians can tear out and replace the wood or aluminum supports quickly. If there is a risk of structural collapse, team leaders recommend bringing in a general contractor.

Finally, there is Specialty Restoration. This series of actions supports art restoration and repairing or cleaning electronic devices. These, and other items like antique furniture, require a professional restorer in their field. Wiping down frames or cases with a dry sponge to reduce contact damage is our extent of services.

Our goal at SERVPRO of Cutler Bay is to restore your home to its original, clean condition quickly and with no further damage. If you have had a fire of any length at all, call us at (305) 278-8484. We are here for you.

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Hollywood Fire Loss from Electrical Overloads Can Be Avoided--SERVPRO Tip

10/16/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Says Protect Your Hollywood Home From Electrical Fires

The Dangers of Stressed Electrical Systems in Your Hollywood Home

There are many working systems throughout your Hollywood residence that most homeowners know very little about, much less know enough to determine a potential problem. From the plumbing network hidden in the walls of the house to the electrical systems running to every fixture and outlet throughout the property, there is much to learn about the misuse of these systems that could lead to severe situations.

Your electrical system is one of the frequent causes of fire damage throughout the Hollywood area. Our SERVPRO technicians have the training and the industry-leading equipment to overcome these fire damages as you experience them, but it might be wise to inform yourself about potential problems that you could cause your home that lead to combustion and fire effects.

One thing that every homeowner should educate themselves about is the limitations of their electrical systems, namely the outlets spread out throughout the residence. It is becoming more and more commonplace to overload these outlets with the higher number of electronics and equipment used in the house these days. While many outlets are designed to trip rather than overheat and catch fire, this is not always the case.

Even those intended to prevent power surges or overheating fail, which can lead to a fire originating at the outlet and spreading quickly through the wall cavity, wall materials, and into whatever spaces share that area. Materials like drywall and insulation can ignite rapidly. Fire can spread fast, affecting many areas and causing widespread damages before it gets extinguished.

Even after the primary concerns of the spreading fire get resolved, lingering effects like smoke and soot damage add to a long list of symptoms that must get addressed before your home can feel the same again.

While it is wise to educate yourself as best you can about the limitations of your outlets and the system running through your home, it is impossible for every homeowner to prevent the possibility of fires entirely. Whenever disaster strikes, our SERVPRO of Cutler Bay restoration technicians can help. You can reach our emergency response team 24/7 by calling (305) 278-8484.

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SERVPRO's Rules For Neutralizing Odors During Our Fire Damage Restoration In Hollywood

9/25/2018 (Permalink)

Where fire has occurred so too does the odor of smoke and soot residues.

Neutralizing Odors After Fire Damage In Hollywood

Where fire has occurred so too does the odor of smoke and soot residues. These unpleasant smells are intensified by the type of materials that burnt in the initial fire. Synthetic materials, for example, tend to release toxins and have a much more prominent odor than natural materials like wood. It's not always possible to identify every source of the odor, which is why having a variety of methods and techniques is essential to combating it effectively.

When properties burn at higher temperatures, the residues can become thicker and release a stronger odor. When we deal with the odors left behind after fire damage in Hollywood homes, our first port of call is in finding the source of the odor. Since smoke travels through any air pockets and into the smallest gaps, it is not always possible to locate the source.

Locating the source of an odor makes our job easier. Using our training in tracing smoke back to its source, SERVPRO technicians can treat the affected areas with wet cleaning methods as well as containment methods. Containing an odor involves applying a chemical deodorizer directly onto the affected surface, thereby preventing the odor being released into the surrounding air. We may even spray charred remains to control smells at the source.

As previously stated, it is not always possible to find the perfect technique for removing an odor. Instead, controlling odors is about applying techniques and testing outcomes until the right one is found. Once a SERVPRO technician has contained odor releasing areas, we can focus on removing odor from the air. We achieve this by using pellets or beads to counteract air-borne particles.

If odor persists after applying these two phases, SERVPRO can bring industrial strength foggers in to finish the job. These foggers vaporize deodorants which breaks them down to microscopic size. At this size, deodorant chemicals are the same size or smaller than odor particles and can access all areas odor can. On contact with deodorant chemicals, smoke odors are neutralized leaving your property fresh and clean-smelling.

There is no one size fits all approach to getting rid of odors, SERVPRO of Cutler Bay uses a precise triple lock method for restoration. Call us at (305) 278-8484 now.

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Electrical Fire Damage In Your Miami Condo During Remodeling

7/5/2018 (Permalink)

Miami Condo and Fire Damage? Call SERVPRO for Fast Cleanup and Restoration Service

SERVPRO Is the Choice to Get Your Miami Property Back on Track after a Remodeling Fire

The stress and mess of a major remodeling project keep you focused on the completion of your Miami condominium’s renaissance. When the anxiety level raises because of an electrical fire during construction, that completed vision can feel impossible to obtain. Engaging the assistance of our skilled fire damage experts give you the confidence to reclaim anticipation of a happy and comfortable end result.
When construction takes over your Miami condo fire damage is least of your worries. The dust, noise, and overages on both the timeline and the budget capture your attention until the unthinkable happens. A worker slices through an electrical line or a power tool malfunctions and the dust is overwhelmed by inky, sticky smoke and a horrible stench from the fire ignited. Although the construction company employees extinguish the fire quickly, the damage seems complete. Reaching out to our experts can transform ruin to a clean, sanitized, and odor-free baseline from which the remodel can continue.
SERVPRO technicians possess expertise on a broad range of fire types and a firm grasp of the appropriate strategies for cleaning and restoring after each. An electrical fire should not be put out with water, and if the construction crew was well-trained and OSHA prepared, a chemical extinguisher was probably used instead. The positive here is that the correct procedure avoided further electrical damage and limited water damage and charring to the affected area. Many of our restorations must begin with water mitigation, but we can move directly to smoke and soot cleanup in your scenario.
Your HVAC system should be shut down temporarily to prevent the spread of smoke and soot. Any loose, ashy debris responds well to dry sponging and vacuuming with HEPA filtering, but SERVPRO crews know the soot is more likely to be tacky and thick. We use a spray and wipe technique, employing cleaning products formulated with wetting agents and surfactants that loosen the hold the fire damage residue has on surfaces. Our crew works methodically, following fire damage restoration best practices to prevent the smearing and disruption that untrained individuals risk creating.
After any fire, the final challenge is odor elimination. SERVPRO deodorization specialists pursue a protocol that starts with discarding burned objects, moving through cleaning and disinfection strategies, and finishing with innovative odor neutralizing methods that take advantage of cutting-edge technology if the first steps do not deliver the desired effect. Thermal fogging, where special chemicals combust in heated chambers, or oxygenation or radical production, such as hydroxyl generators, produce particles that bond with the odiferous fragments in the air and on surfaces and crevices. The act of bonding creates a chemical reaction that effectively neutralizes the smells.
Move on beyond the construction accident and fire that brought your remodeling project to a halt with the help of SERVPRO of Cutler Bay. One call to (305) 278-8484 starts the fire damage restoration process that gets everyone back on track.

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Fire Damage Specialists In Kendall Can Help

3/20/2018 (Permalink)

Smoke and Soot Residue Get Cleanup by SERVPRO in Kendall

SERVPRO Tries to Restore Not Replace Items Affected by Smoke and Fire

When a fire starts inside your Kendall home, there are many ways to restore a house back to its original condition. Depending on the extent of damage, cleaning may solve the problem. The more objects and building materials inside a structure that get cleaned, the cheaper the mitigation process becomes.

To reduce the total cost of restoring your house in the event of a major fire, it is necessary to repair as many items with cleaning as possible. SERVPRO's fire damage technicians in Kendall have specific chemicals that make it possible to clean many types of smoke residues and save contents and materials. If an object cannot get cleaned, then it either gets replaced or resurfaced so that the problem gets solved
If building materials or contents get severely charred or burnt in a fire, they usually get replaced. Sometimes soot residue coats an item so thickly that replacement is necessary. Replacement is the most costly method to use during restoration, so it gets avoided at all costs.
If objects get charred but are salvageable many times, they get resurfaced. Structural surfaces often get repainted with a sealant. Items made out of fabric get re-upholstered when smoke damage is severe. Wooden contents sometimes get sanded down and refinished.
Cleaning during fire restoration means removing smoke residues and deodorizing smoke odors. When cleaning there are multiple principles and elements of cleaning that get followed. Fire damages present a variety of challenges due to the many ways that heat, oxygen, moisture, and gases interact to form smoke residues. The type of smoke damage varies depending on factors including the variety of materials inside the building, and the effects smoke has on the elements.
Due to a large number of variables, it is difficult to establish fixed, defined procedures for cleaning fire damages. To be successful, our experts always use a variety of different methods to clean soot residues.
Different combinations of the principles and elements of cleaning usually get used to mitigate a fire damage issue properly. For professional help dealing with smoke and soot, call SERVPRO of Cutler Bay at (305) 278-8484 for help 24/7.

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Smoke and Soot from Fire Damage in Your Cutler Ridge Home from Space Heaters

12/13/2017 (Permalink)

Heaters Can Result in Fire and Smoke Damage in Cutler Bay, Need Help? Call SERVPRO

SERVPRO Mitigates Fire and Smoke Harm with Rapid Service

The second leading cause of fires in the U.S. is heating equipment. Over 65,000 home fires begin from improper use or malfunctioning of these units. Careful use of space heaters goes a long way in preventing home fires in Cutler Ridge, and it is essential to educate your whole family on proper usage. Keeping these heaters away from flammable objects, out of high traffic areas where they can pose a tripping hazard, and checking the cords to ensure they are not frayed are essential steps in keeping your family safe.
In your Cutler Ridge home, fires and fire damage from space heaters are not as uncommon as you might think and are scary events that can uproot your day to day life. To get your home back in order, reach out to SERVPRO as soon as possible. As an experienced fire damage remediation company, we have all the tools and expertise needed to help you and your family recover.
When dealing with cleanup after a fire, a significant component we deal with is smoke. As materials burn and decompose, they give off solid particles, aerosols, and gases which become suspended in the air. These suspended materials are smoke.
The invisible components of smoke are gases. Burning organic compounds make oxides of nitrogen and sulfur dioxide. Besides fire gases, smoke consists of fine particles of matter and aerosols as well. The particles are what makes smoke visible, and they also absorb odors, making the soot smell.
Once smoke settles on surfaces, it is many times referred to as soot. These residues can have various kinds of acids since sulfides and chlorides in the smoke mix with the humidity in the air or with moisture to create acids. The acidic soot residues create discoloration and corrosion if they stay on materials for too long.
At SERVPRO, we understand that time is of the essence with smoke and soot damage, which is why we waste no time in getting to your home once you contact us.
SERVPRO of Cutler Bay can be trusted to thoroughly and quickly clean your home after a fire to prevent further damages from occurring. Anyone residing in the areas of Cutler Ridge, Three Lakes, or Franjo should reach out to us at (305) 278-8484 as soon as the fire is out.

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Fire Damage Replacement In Cutler Bay

10/23/2017 (Permalink)

It is still storm season, and a house fire is a year-round risk for everybody.

Fire Damage Replacement

Cutler Bay missed the worst of Irma’s damage, but that does not mean our city is free from other risks. It is still storm season, and a house fire is a year-round risk for everybody.

Compared to flooding, Cutler Bay fire damage is rare, but that makes no difference to someone who watched smoke billowing out of their doors, windows, and perhaps even the roof. Although direct flame and heat damage is usually minor compared to smoke and soot residue removal, SERVPRO knows the cost to replace structural damage can be extensive.

If there is major damage to the home, our response team follows a prescribed task list that allows us to remove and replace walls and support structure in a safe, yet rapid manner to reduce costs and quickly return residents to their homes. Once we have the all-clear from the local fire marshal, we remove all damaged property from the house and perform our inspection, starting with the foundation.

A fast-burning fire often blisters and cracks the concrete surface. Our response team uses hand tools and powered grinders to remove the damaged areas and prepare them for new concrete. The surface we pour blends seamlessly with any undamaged surfaces.

Now that we have a solid floor, team members begin work on the support structure. Every SERVPRO technician is trained to install temporary support columns and jacks while others start replacing wall framing, window, and door frames, and even load-bearing walls if we determine the wood suffered too much damage or absorbed too many odors to remain in place.

Putting a home back together does not stop with installing new supports and hanging sheetrock though. Heat and smoke also destroy kitchen appliances, water heaters, and HVAC systems. Our personnel is certified with most major manufacturers to install their machines and hook them up to local utilities. As this is part of our service, it is cheaper to engage us than to set-up a separate appointment with either the manufacturer or the retailing store.

Restoring and rebuilding your home is not just a job to SERVPRO of Cutler Bay. Every house is one of our neighbors, and we work hard to maintain that attitude with every customer. If you require our services or have a question, call us today at (305) 278-8484.

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Dealing With Fire Damage During Hurricane Season In Cutler Bay

9/13/2017 (Permalink)

The homes in Cutler Bay can sustain fire damage at any time, including during a hurricane.

Fire Damage During Hurricane Season

Water typically makes fire fizzle out, but in the event of a hurricane, things do not always happen as they should. The hazards presented by boarded up windows, doors, and other openings on homes and businesses in Cutler Bay to prevent water from damaging interiors also prevents the free access to the interior of a home, and subsequent exiting, of firefighters.

The homes in Cutler Bay can sustain fire damage at any time, including during a hurricane. As a fire burns inside a boarded-up home, the firefighters' task becomes more difficult to locate and extinguish. Many times, fires begin because of candle use. Electrical power interruptions frequently occur during a hurricane, just as in a heavy storm, but power interruptions last much longer when horrific and dangerous weather affects larger areas of the state.

Response times by fire departments can also lengthen drastically. Flooded roads that become impassable can prevent the timely arrival of fire trucks, resulting in even greater damage to homes. Even small fires that need no further attention beyond a bucket of water can still create substantial smoke damage.

Because the damage from fires can range so dramatically, SERVPRO employees gain experience in all degrees of fire damage and can restore homes to pre-event condition. Our skills and professionalism go hand-in-hand with our compassion and understanding. We know that families affected by disastrous events just want everything back “Like it never even happened.” We can help make this a reality.

Our Fire and Smoke Restoration Technician (FSRT) knows the best methods to implement during the restoration of your home. Quickly and meticulously, we remove damaged materials. Soot and grime are removed and cleaned away, with repainting and minor repairs taking place where needed. Working as a team, our restoration work takes very little time. Your family can once again live at home, safely and securely.

SERVPRO of Cutler Bay's professional team stands ready for whenever you need us. Contact us at (305) 278-8484 so we can begin restoring your home after fire damage events threaten to keep you and your family without shelter of your own.

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Learn How to Take Care of a Fire in Your Cutler Ridge Kitchen

3/17/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Says Have a Fire Extinguisher Handy for Kitchen Fires in Cutler Ridge

Kitchen Fires Are Dangerous, Call SERVPRO for Professional Restoration

Considering kitchen fires can happen fast, would you know what to do if one started in your kitchen? Learning ahead of time when to smother a fire, when to use a fire extinguisher, and when to call the fire department is valuable information everyone should have. Mishaps while cooking makes up to ninety percent of kitchen fires, and a majority of these are grease fires. When a fire does happen, you want the expertise of a professional fire remediation company such as SERVPRO.
Grease Fires
Grease fires are in their own class, and should not be handled like any other type of fire in your Cutler Ridge kitchen. The number one warning to remember is to never pour water on a grease fire, which can splash spread the fire and increase the fire damage. You should store a powder type extinguisher under the sink base cabinet for just such emergencies. Safety first. If necessary stay clear and let the fire hopefully burn out.
When you cook, have a potholder, oven mitt, and a lid which fits your pan on hand and ready in case sparks occur. If a fire from grease begins in your pan, place the oven mitt over your hand, then put the lid atop the pan to smother the fire. Try sliding the lid over the flames instead of dropping the lid down. Turn the burner off and leave the pan right there so it can cool. Do not ever move the pan, put it in the sink, or carry it outside, and do not lift the lid before the pan has had a chance to cool.
Microwave, Oven and Electrical Fires
Fires can occur anywhere in your kitchen – in the microwave, by an electrical outlet, or in the stove. When a fire takes place in your microwave, shut the door of the oven and keep it shut. Turn off the microwave and unplug it if you can do so safely. Do not use the appliance again until a technician checks it. Close the oven door if a fire happens here, and turn it off. When the fire does not go out immediately, call the fire department, and have the oven inspected and repaired before using it again.
You can prevent electrical fires by not overloading your electrical outlets. If a fire begins, use a fire extinguisher. Do not douse it with water under any circumstance. Always call the fire department for this type of fire, even if you have put it out already with the fire extinguisher. Contact SERVPRO as well to repair any damages and eliminate the smoky odors, as we have all the equipment and experience needed in this situation.
You should also learn how to use a fire extinguisher, so you are not trying to read the directions in a time of need. Baking soda is also necessary to keep handy in your kitchen, as it can help extinguish the flames of a grease fire. Never use flour instead, as it can make the flames worse. Do not ever hesitate to call the fire department, but the above tips can help you extinguish small, contained fires while you wait for their help. With larger fires, be sure to get yourself and family members out of the house right away.
SERVPRO of Cutler Bay is standing by at all times to help you after a kitchen fire has damaged your home. You can reach us at (305) 278-8484 whenever you need our help in fire damage cleanup.

Being Safe with Electrical Appliances in Your Franjo Condo Helps Prevent Fires

1/21/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage, Electrical Dangers, and Your Franjo Condo

Smoke and Fire Damage Can Result from Faulty Appliances

Our homes are filled with electrical appliances, but you should be aware that although they are convenient, a lot of them are potentially dangerous as well. Your electrical appliances can begin fires or cause electric shock, and each has its dangers. When you understand these hazards, you can help keep you, your family and your property safe. You should also have access to a fire remediation company you can trust, such as SERVPRO, just in case an emergency does arise.

Common dangers with appliances we use every day can cause fire and smoke damage to your Franjo condominium. Please be aware of factors that can produce these unwanted consequences.

Frayed Cords
Electric cords on your appliances have a neutral and a live wire. Each is insulated from direct contact with flammable material, water or your hands. The live wire can become exposed if the cord is frayed. This leaves your household susceptible to electric fires. Damaged and frayed electric blankets are quite dangerous, so be sure to check them before use. This is especially true if they have been stored away during the warmer months. Regularly check your cords and replace any damaged or frayed cords right away. Call an electrician if you find a power point switch broken or cracked.

Poor Maintenance
Many appliances must be cleared or cleaned regularly to stop material build-up that could start a fire. Clean hot plates and ovens regularly to stop the accumulation of fats and spilled foods. Electric motors of exhaust fans need to have lint and dust removed from them. If applicable, have your clothes dry vent checked and cleaned of lint which prevents excessive work for your appliance and safeguards your condo. SERVPRO can clean this venting system and also check your HVAC system for blockage and buildup of mold spores and debris. If you do experience a fire, contact our technicians at SERVPRO to clean up the damage.

Overloaded Circuit
An overloaded circuit may not burn your house down but can create a huge inconvenience if the oven stops working before dinner gets made. Your wiring system can handle only a certain level of power, so fuses are put in place to limit how much power goes through your electrical system. If you exceed the power demands on a circuit, the breaker will shut down to prevent damage. Too many appliances on a circuit can lead to overloads, then fires.

Closeness to Water or Excess Moisture
Water is great for conducting electricity. Electricity travels readily through the water and into your body as the current seeks a ground. Electrocution occurs far too often and is so preventable, avoid this tragedy. As a sidebar, electrocution is the leading cause of firefighters injuries and deaths. Keep your electrical appliances away from water and when you are standing near or in water, or have wet hands, do not touch anything electrical.

If a flame or flare-up occurs in your home, a multi-purpose fire extinguisher should be used instead of water, since using water can be dangerous.  Then make sure you get in touch with us at SERVPRO of Cutler Bay so we can assess the damages. Just give us a ring at (305) 278-8484.

Soot and Smoke Damage in Palmetto Bay

12/2/2016 (Permalink)

Fire can damage your property. Call SERVPRO to assess and remediate.

SERVPRO Restores Commercial and Residential Fire Damage

Most of the fire damage that homes and businesses suffer come from the smoke and soot generated by the heat and flames. While they do not generate the same destruction to a structure, if the cleaning isn't done properly, the results can be the same; drywall and ceiling panels and tiles will need to be replaced.

Regardless if it is a Palmetto Bay home or business, the fire damage cleaning processes for ceilings and walls is the same. The only variations in SERVPRO's processes depend on the material to be cleaned and the type of cleaning needed.

If the ceilings can be dry cleaned, our technicians have to start on the ceilings before walls. This is to avoid dropping new soil or chemical residues onto clean carpets. Dry cleaning is wiping down the ceilings using special sponges and cloths. Technicians start at the middle and work their way toward the walls and then down.

If this didn't remove all of the soil, then wet cleaning is required. With this method, the walls will be done first to prevent cleaning solution from dripping down the ceiling and streaking the walls. Cleaning begins at the bottom of the wall and moves toward the ceiling to prevent streaking as well.

As cleaning continues, our technicians have to consider if the surface they're cleaning is going to be 'clean for no paint' or 'clean for paint'. If dry cleaning or only mild wet cleaning removes the soot and smoke residue, then painting will not be required.

If this does not remove all of the smoke residues or if the soot has permanently stained an area, then painting will be required. Our technicians accomplish this by applying a pigmented alcohol shellac to seal the damaged surface and then paint over it with the color that the owner chooses. If the owner wishes to do it themselves or have a painting company come in, we'll stop after sealing the affected area.

Life in Miami-Dade County is the envy of many people across the country. There's no reason to let smoke and soot damage interrupt your life for a day longer than it should. SERVPRO of Cutler Bay is ready to help our neighbors restore their homes and businesses to normal as quickly as we can get it accomplished. Call us at (305) 278-8484 to get started.